Paul Barnes

graphic design

The Guardian

Redesigned in September 2005
Creative director Mark Porter
Typographic consultant Paul Barnes
The Guardian is one of Britain’s leading quality newspapers. In 1988 it was redesigned by David Hillman, into one of the iconic newspaper redesigns of the 20th century. Simon Esterson redesigned the paper in the late 1990s, but effectively stuck with the Hillman style of Helvetica for headlines. In 2003 Paul Barnes was approached by the creative director to consult on the typography of the newspaper. For two years Barnes in close collaboration with the design team, was involved in resolving the issues of typography in the paper. Working with leading type designer Christian Schwartz, he proposed a number of typefaces, such as specially designed version of Helvetica for the Guardian. With Schwartz he designed Hacienda, a serif typeface, before proposing an egyptian letterform. This Egyptian, originally entitled Porter, eventually became Guardian Egyptian and a key part of the identity of the newspaper.